Saturday, 27 December 2008

Dolly Darling - Tea Time

I've become slightly obsessed with Dolly Darlings this year. I used to have a couple when I was little, and when I saw one on ebay, it took me right back to childhood. I bid a modest amount, but then got really disappointed when I got outbid. I had a real pang of loss when I remembered the exact texture of the plastic, and how it smelt, and the popper on her dress, and every little detail.

So I started looking for others (and researching them on websites - yes, I am that sad). Eventually I got this one. She's one of the ones I used to have. She's called 'Teatime', and is ready for formal fun in her party frock and gloves. Many of the others are a bit more Swinging Sixties, with groovy patterned dresses. Fortunately for me, now I'm getting a collection, they're very small, so they don't take up much space. So I can fell less guilty about having so many of the little cuties!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Pair of Bulgarians

When I met this pair, I thought they were so cute, with their sweet faces and pretty costumes. But then I discovered they were smugglers! Inside their legs they've hidden vials of perfume. How sneaky is that? "We didn't know they were there!" they said. Like I'm going to believe that old story...

I don't know where they come from, but their costumes look Eastern European or Balkan and I suspect it's Bulgarian rose oil. I'm a bit worried they might have connections to the Russian Mafia. So anyway, in the end I asked them to leave, and they found a new home with a nice Etsian. I must check the silverware...

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Dead Elvis

Not all dolls are cute and plastic.

I was totally captivated the first time I saw a Day of the Dead doll. I think it must have been in the 1980s and back then they were pretty rare in this country. I saw an exhibition and thought they were wonderful, but thought they only sold them in Mexico and I'd never get to own one. Now I have a few of these small ones, and there's a shop in our city that sells a few. This one made me laugh. I love Elvis, I love Day of the Dead - perfect!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Barbie (A Vintage Broad)

Barbie... Oh, Barbie... Is she the loveliest girl you ever saw?...

Well, frankly, no. To put it bluntly, she looks like a right old slapper (that may need translating for my American readers, but I'm not even going to attempt it!) As all doll fans know, the early Barbie doll was modelled on a German doll called Bild Lilli, who was... let's say, no better than she ought to be. This Barbie is a mid-sixties version. I think she's a 'Swirl Ponytail', for all you fact fans. It's hard to tell, as she's had the haircut from hell. Which is why I made her a lovely hat. I didn't have any suitable Barbie clothes, but I found this nasty polyester leopard print dress, and somehow it just seemed to go. She's got such tarty make-up, she may as well have the clothes (and tasteless bling) to go with it.

Don't get the wrong impression though, I think she's great. Especially an old Barbie like this. She's been with me for years, and although I knew she was a 'vintage' Barbie, it was only recently that I actually looked her up to check her age. Well, you don't like to ask, do you? She might have been sensitive about it. Now I think she's a marvellous old broad.

Of course, Barbie is the premier pink playroom princess all over the world - American domination even in the world of toys. If like me, you're British, and grew up with Sindy, you may have different views. (See last week's blog.) But I hope we can all enjoy this gem -

Until next week, Happy Dollying!

Saturday, 29 November 2008


"Sindy - the doll you love to dress!"

I have to say that I prefer Sindy to Barbie. Well, perhaps you can see why. Look at this lovely fresh-faced girl, in her kicky denim two-piece. She's a with-it chick who is going places. You betcha!

And don't we all want hair twice as wide as our shoulders?

Look at that cute face - isn't she just gorgeous? And real rooted eyelashes - beat that, Barbie!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Where I'm coming from

Welcome to Doll of the Week. I have been writing a blog on for about six months, writing about a different doll each week. But myspace is slow and tedious, so I have decided to move the blog here.

The dolls I photograph and write about are all my own. Sometimes they are from my collection, sometimes they are dolls that I am selling or have sold. With the latter, I often find that when I photograph a doll to sell, she (or he) will start to fire my imagination, or my curiosity. By taking the photo and writing about them, I have something to keep, without having hundreds of dolls taking over the house.

I like dolls a lot, but then I'm not as obsessive as some. I'm interested in dolls, but then I'm not an expert. I write about a wide variety of dolls, but then there are some dolls I just can't stand. (This means you, Cabbage Patch Kids!) I try to make it fun, but then you may not think so!

To give you a taste of what it's about, I'm going to start this blog with a few posts copied over from my old myspace blog. I'll start the all-new blog in January. So apologies to myspace readers.

Hope you enjoy.